• wodun

    The Obama’s OWS also has this problem.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Good point, wodun! ! Posters portraying Jews in a bad light were all over the place at all the Occupy events. Many were outright racist. I’m also ashamed that Pat Buchanan & Ron Paul call themselves Conservatives – there’s no place for Jew-hatred in that (or any other) legitimate political party or movement – in fact, there should be no place for hatred of ANY ethnic group, for that matter. That’s just one of MANY reasons I could never support Ron Paul…

  • Rockymount

    Where does bigotry begin or end?

    I aks this becuase It seems more and more that

    It has become politically correct “not to defend either Jews or Israel”

    And worse the Ancient Common Law priciple of “Silence is to agree” seems prevalent.

    The forgoing seems to be the shadow in which bigotry hides.

    What should it be called?

    Grey Bigotry”?

  • steve

    i am assuming bob zimmerman himself is jewish?

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