New York Senator Charles Schumer proposes disenfranchising tea party voters in order to weaken their impact at the polls.

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A Democrat reveals his dislike for democracy: New York Senator Charles Schumer proposes disenfranchising tea party voters in order to weaken their impact at the polls.

He also suggested that the IRS harassment of conservatives, and conservatives only, is a good thing.


  • S Cooper

    Politicians like Chuck Schumer are what the 2’d Amendment is all about.

  • Cotour

    A true “you didn’t build that” kind of Democrat, in other words an American socialist. Everything, and I mean everything, in his opinion emanates from government. The government existed first then came the people. True Constitutionally faulty logic and spin, a dangerous man that is tied to a dangerous and un American way of thinking.

  • wodun

    It is hard to argue that the IRS targeting was just a few bad apples when the most powerful and influential Democrats say things like this in public.

  • Don

    The NWO is working hard right now in Ukraine, and Schumer shows their tactics in America.

    Do not be surprised if Michelle plays Evita to Barry’s Juan.

  • Cotour

    Shumer really has gone over the edge on this one. He is past the event horizon and shows himself to be totally absorbed by the socialist ideology that he has been eating all these years. Our government is tied up as per design and he does not like it and now promotes using the IRS as a political weapon, not unlike when the IRS was used to target and hamper the same party that is a threat to “the agenda”.

    He says the things that he said and is proud of it and sees nothing improper or wrong with it. To be a Democrat is to now be un American in spirit and in deed. I can not believe what I have heard and read that came out of the mouth of a senior U.S. Senator. What a disgrace! A desire to win at all costs. Constitution, what Constitution?

    He should be sanctioned or made to apologize.

  • “[Schumer] should be sanctioned or made to apologize.”

    No, he should be voted out of office. In a sane world where the majority of the population respected freedom and democracy, his comments would have destroyed his political world forever. Instead, he speaks for a sizable percentage of the American populace, which no longer believes in either freedom or democracy.

    As you said, be afraid, be very afraid. These leftists have power, and they are using that power to squelch their opponents, viciously and harshly. And I expect their efforts to get worse and more violent.

  • Jwing

    NJ Senator Schumer is just paraphrasing NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor DeBlasio by declaring that tea party members are not wanted in their states.

    So what’s next…internment camps and gulags?

    Schumer’s unapologetic statements, to a group of fellow progressives, is hauntingly similar to the rhetoric of Hitler and Stalin from the first half of the last century.

  • John M. Egan

    The people of N.Y. voting Chuckie Boy out- it would be a dream, but you have a better chance of Andrew Cuomo welcoming conservatives to N.Y.!

  • wade

    I heard of This on radio News. This is out and out Public Fleecing of Any conservatives property and /or savings. in my neck -of -the -woods , we call That armed robbery .

  • Publius 2

    Not surprising at all, when you examine his career and his record. Charles Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, Bill De Blasio — Hillary Clinton. New York, one of the thirteen original colonies that rebelled against tyrannical British rule, how far you have fallen.

  • Publius 2

    I have mentioned this in previous comments, but it is time to reiterate: The voting booth will not stop these atrocities perhaps for decades. The only way to fight them is to fight them at the state and local levels. It should begin with a courageous, committed governor who will declare the actions of the federal government unlawful and unconstitutional and refuse to comply with them. If that governor stands alone, so be it. As Rabbi Hillel famously said: “Where there are no men, be thou a man.” But I keenly suspect that if one state does this — or even one town in, say, New York — then others will follow. It is time to take this country back from tyrants. It can be done.

  • Publius 2

    Schumer is displaying a staggering ignorance of history in his statements. But Santayana’s genius is now eternal. Schumer will rue the day he took this stance.

  • Cotour

    Government for governments sake, the next too big to fail entity. This is the logic string that they always attempt to create in the mind of the public, government is essential so IT is primary and must survive for its own sake. Screw the peoples individuality and the Constitution. Outrageous! One sick liberal SOB.

    Any Congressman or Senator that promotes the use of the IRS as a weapon needs to be replaced and before that happens they need to be called out and disgraced.

  • Scott

    Charles Schumer (see loathsome)

    causing hatred or disgust; repulsive.
    “this loathsome little swine”
    synonyms: hateful, detestable, abhorrent, repulsive, odious, repugnant, repellent, disgusting, revolting, sickening, abominable, despicable, contemptible, reprehensible, execrable, damnable;

  • Edward

    “Do not be surprised if Michelle plays Evita to Barry’s Juan.”

    And the once-prosperous Argentina (competing with the US for economic dominance, a century ago) never recovered.

  • Gerrymandering is not democracy, Mr .Zimmerman; it is the very antithesis. You’re living in your own private Idaho, oblivious to the unmistakeable fascism (i.e., corporate rule) which you claim to oppose. I refer you to Monday’s Democracy Now! program, “State of Conflict: Bill Moyers on North Carolina’s Right-Wing Takeover & the Citizens Fighting Back”, found at:

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