No sunspots for two days

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For the first time since the beginning of solar maximum in 2011, the Sun has been blank of sunspots for two consecutive days.

As there continue to be no signs of any sunspots, this string could continue for several more days, which would then be the longest blank stretch since 2010, when we were in the tail end of the last very prolonged solar minimum.



  • Phil Berardelli

    This might be the beginning of a phenomenon predicted six years ago by solar scientists who had been studying the sun’s decreasing magnetic field strength. The scientists speculated that it might signify the onset of a prolonged period of reduced solar activity, such as the one called the Maunder Minimum, which lasted nearly a century and caused severe winters and cool summers in Europe. Here is the article I wrote at the time:

  • Joe

    Good article Phil, often wondered about what was the cause for sun spots and what caused them to increase or decrease in number. Hope we some spots soon, I don’t like winter!

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