Obamacare subsidies to go up almost $10 billion next year

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Finding out what’s in it: According to a new report, the Obamacare subsidies that are paid to large number of Americans so that they can afford the costly Obamacare health insurance policies will cost taxpayers almost $10 billion in 2017.

The new study estimates that the cost of premium subsidies under the Affordable Care Act will increase by $9.8billion next year, rising from $32.8billion currently to $42.6billion. The average monthly subsidy will increase by $76, or 26 per cent, from $291 currently to $367 in 2017, researchers found.

Currently more than eight in ten consumers buying private health insurance through HealthCare.gov and state markets receive tax credits from the government to help pay their premiums.

Not only can’t we can’t afford the Obamacare premiums, we can’t afford the subsidies either.



  • Cotour

    Related, because Trump may actually get ride of this Un Constitutional law:

    Putin, apparently MAY actually have pushed the computer keys that sent the information that made Hillary lose the election to Wikileaks! (?)

    Is this where the information actually came from? This person says he did it.

    The Democrats are sooo desperate to 1. Delegitimize the Trump administration before it gets going and, lets face it, Trump has more optimism surrounding him and growing optimisim in the country in the 30 days after his win, and has positively effected the markets, and he is not even president yet than Obama has accumulated in 8 years. And 2. To create a straw boogie man in the personage of Putin to attempt to galvanize what support they have remaining after their embarrassing defeat in the last presidential election. (No one is saying that Putin is not someone who does not need to be watched closely, or that he did not smile upon Hillary’s defeat, and that he should not be strongly managed but this forced narrative that is being pushed into the public arena by the media is more sour grapes, desperation and narrative creation and control than substance from my point of view.) And 3. And this is the most immediately apparent, to negatively influence the electors that will eventually elect Trump president in the coming days. All is fare in love and war, and this, make no mistake, is political war! Expect nothing less.

    Even if Russia did have a direct connection to the hacked emails wouldn’t it be more legally proper to investigate it and reveal it if its proven through evidence and not shadowy accusation, later and not to disrupt our political process? John Podesta began this narrative as his emails were revealed and he came to understand that Hillary was likely to lose the election, and he continues to drive it now. (There is no evidence other than CIA accusations (and who trusts the CIA or the media for that matter?) or there is no evidence that can or will be shared).

    Pure manipulation politics from a political party who has just reelected Nancy Pelosi to their leadership position in the Congress when what they needed to do is reject her and put her out to pasture especially after she stated that ” She does not think that the American people want a new direction”. Apparently she thinks the American people want more of what we have been served for the last 8 years? (Total self deception and delusion) And they are a party who May be on track to elect Keith Ellison, a Muslim Brotherhood associate who May (or may not) have connections to Islamic radicals to head the DNC. (You see when you include the words “May” or “Might” or “Could” in any sentence you can accuse almost anyone of anything that you like.)

    In a news story that “seems” to be coming together: President Obama May be in negotiations with the leadership of Venezuela to become that country’s next president so he can continue his socialist agenda and show them “how its suppose to be done”. You know, without a Congress or a Supreme Court standing in the way of “progress”. He is also Rumored to be in negotiations with Black Lives Matters leadership (who he has honored by having at the White House) to take over as their figure head in order to develop their political movement into a third political party in furtherance of their run for the 2020 presidential race.

  • wayne

    Trump needs Legislation to repeal the ACA. That will be up to Ryan & Mitch. It only has to be 1 sentence long; “The ACA is hereby repealed in it’s entirety.”
    But we all know, it won’t be. (Let’s place bets on how long the “new & improved, wonderful, fantastic, healthcare Bill,” will actually be. I’ll say “only 300 pages.”)

    Keith Ellison– let him be the head of the DNC. When your enemies are making blunders, help them.

    The Russian’s– they have been influencing our internal politics, since the 1930’s. None of this stuff, from them, is new. It’s all manufactured distraction.
    They been our enemies forever, and that hasn’t changed.

    DJT will be the next President, next week, no matter what. The only thing remaining would be to swear him in, next month.
    -If the Electors try to pull some crap-o-la; Presidential pick would immediately go to the House, and Pence would immediately be voted upon by the Senate as VP.
    The Electors either do their duty, or become irrelevant & their 15 minutes of fame, is over and done forever.)
    It’s a done deal. Everything else is simply filling up space, in between the commercials, & click-bait.

  • Cotour

    The “emoluments” portion of the Constitution is the only on going concern I find to be a real thing.


    His holdings and multiple connections will prove to be a constant monkey wrench.

  • Garry

    Visited my insurance broker today; he surprised me with his knowledge of the system.

    He said that we should expect Tom Price’s plan to be signed into law fairly early next year. Price proposed his plan 3 times, but it was never passed. Here’s a link to the bill https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr2300/text There’s probably an executive summary available somewhere, but I don’t have time to look for it now (or read the bill itself).

    My broker gave some examples of what’s in the plan; mostly it’s designed to add more choices and, unlike the present system, provide an incentive to earn more money (under the current system, there are circumstances where you for every extra dollar you make, you lose a dollar in subsidies, where earning up to $15k per year takes away the same amount). Providers will also be required to list prices for all their services, making it easier for the consumer to shop around,

    Price has been nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services, and is a doctor himself.

  • wayne

    – interesting stuff. There is a summary at the link you provided.

    I just skimmed the whole Bill briefly. Way too many references to other Acts, and it’s written in government-speak.

    Personally, I want the ACA completely repealed, and no substitute enacted. But I know that will never, ever happen.

    Price- check his voting record.

  • Orion314

    If we have to spend $10 billion to dump this crime, well, it’s still a deal….

  • Edward

    From the article: “Currently more than eight in ten consumers buying private health insurance through HealthCare.gov and state markets receive tax credits from the government to help pay their premiums.

    Eight in ten consumers cannot afford it? This is what government considers to be “affordable” healthcare?

    But then again, when it first came out, Congress itself and Congress’s staff needed Obamacare’s assistance in order to afford the mandatory but supposedly affordable health insurance. If these well paid people can’t afford it, what chance do the rest of us have?

    Even with the (so called) insurance, before the insurance kicks in the sick are still required to pay a deductible of thousands of dollars in medical bills. That makes it even less affordable. Pay a huge unaffordable premium, then pay a huge, unaffordable medical bill, then pay a huge co-pay for the first part of the coverage, then — after $20,000 or so in medical bills — the insurance finally kicks in like the old catastrophic medical plans used to. Hell, you might have to sell your house in order to get to the point of being covered by insurance (that would be hell, indeed). The government considers this to be affordable? Those government types must be rich!

    From the article: “Obama’s law has helped drive the nation’s uninsured rate to a historic low of about nine per cent.

    Except with the astonishingly high deductibles and co-pays, the insurance is not really an insurance at all. It is worse than what Obama had called “junk insurance,” insurance for catastrophic illnesses. Now a patient has to be at least four times as catastrophically ill in order for the insurance to kick in.

    We pay a hefty price if we buy the mandated insurance; we pay a hefty fine — er — tax if we don’t buy insurance, and we pay a hefty tax to subsidize those who can’t afford the supposedly affordable insurance. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t, damned if we are remotely associated with this heinous system (i.e. are US citizens). Damn, damn, damn.

    It’s like the three laws of thermodynamics: 1) you can’t win, 2) you can’t break even, and 3) you can’t get out of the game. This one-time “can do” country is turning into a “can’t do” country.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • Orion314

    re: the current occupant of the WH, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, everything to do with the color of his culture and politics.;. good riddance …..

  • Joe

    Edward, I believe the purpose is to financially wipe middle class American U.S. citizens out, you want health insurance, we will wipe all collateral an INDIVIDUAL has to his name, and maybe you get some of that good health back.

  • Edward

    No matter the purpose, that is what it is accomplishing. Not only are we being squeezed by the expensive mandated insurance and the lack of service it no longer provides, but the other rules and regulations are costing us income through reduced work-hours (e.g. more and more jobs are becoming sub-30-hour jobs), and employers are paying more overhead expenses to have employees. The attitude that the ruling class wants us to have is to not work for a living, as stated by Pelosi’s encouragement that people quit their vocations to follow their avocations. Various human rights as stated by the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being violated by this law. Supreme Court rulings have eliminated some of our individual Constitutional rights. Government has usurped additional power over We the People. The Supreme court changed its own role from one of protecting our rights by declaring the Constitutionality of laws to protecting the power of the government by making laws Constitutional.

    If the new regime (hopefully a return to the traditional regime of the US Constitution) does not eliminate Obamacare and all the rules, regulations, panels, commissions, and the Supreme Court’s (mis)interpretations of the Constitution, then we are not back to the free United States as we have known it. We will still live in a tyranny where the government may impose anything it wants upon We the People, so long as it associates a tax with the decree.

    With this one law, and the resulting abuses of the Constitution by the president, America has been transformed from a nation of laws (where laws apply equally) to a nation of men (where laws do not apply to political cronies, such as the Clintons), from a nation with a work ethic to a nation of EBT card holders, from a nation of liberty to a nation of tyranny.

  • ken anthony

    The sickest thing about this is that insurance is a fundamentally simple concept. Like any business you keep prices lowest when there is lots of competition. The only role govt. should have is publishing ratings of various insurance companies and even that would be better performed by a non govt. agency.

    Risk mitigation has always existed, but was formalized with shipping after the 1600s.

    Over complicating it, is the problem. People are both insane and stupid. …and evil to boot.

  • wayne

    ken anthony-
    You are rocking-n-rolling tonight!
    (Lloyds of London!)

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