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Walk with the lamas

I must apologize for the light posting the past few days. I am on a trip with my wife Diane visiting friends in Colorado. (The picture on the right of me (on the left) having lunch in the woods with Diane (standing) and friends Joel and Marianne will give you a taste of some of the fun we are having. The lamas were the pets of our host, who took the picture.)

I will be back home Sunday, when posting should resume with vigor.



  • You have a great blog. Enjoy your life.

    OTOH, I demand the free ice cream!

  • I’m curious to know how the lamas behaved. Their camel cousins tend to be ill-tempered or so I’ve heard.

  • The lamas were very well behaved. Gail Davidson, the woman who owned them, had purchased them literally as pets with one added bonus: she could use them as pack animals on her backpack trips. She explained to me that as she has gotten older, she didn’t want to stop backpacking. The lamas carry her stuff and allow her to go practically anyway as if she was doing a day hike.

    We all traded off holding the lamas’ leash and walking them through the woods. They were quite cooperative, as long as you didn’t show fear. Then they would become a little ornery. They didn’t like being petted however. If you tried, they backed away.

    To own these as pets however is not a simple thing. Gail owned a house in a cooperative that included a great deal of common acreage, which she could use for her lamas.

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