The FCC commissioner wants to regulate on the airwaves

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Freedom of speech alert: The FCC commissioner has made it clear in a recent appearance on the BBC that he strongly supports having the FCC regulate in some manner the news coverage of radios and television. You can see the video here. Key quote from the article above:

In practice, Copps’s recommendations — however well intended — necessarily entail expanding the power of bureaucrats to monitor media content, power which can then be used for objectionable and politicized goals.



  • John M. Egan

    This wreckless use of power will certainly have to be fought in the courts. Freedom of speech MUST be protected.
    If these anti-democratic leaders don’t like the freedoms we have in this country may I suggest they move to Venezuela, Iran, China or other tyrant states!

  • Kelly Starks

    Oh please, the serfs should except the guidence of the “wise men of Washington” as Obama once put it.

    What you want freedom and think you can live your own lives or something? Big brother will tell you what you need to listen to, to be good citizens.


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