Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Learning To Fly

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An evening pause: Performed live, 2006.


I’m learning to fly
But I ain’t got wings
Coming down
Is the hardest thing.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • Joe

    One of the great all time rockers, he will be missed!

  • LocalFluff

    I’ve taken a course in hang gliding, flying horizontally with a delta wing attached to your back, starting by jumping off a cliff. The instructors said more people die during golf than during hang gliding. Of course, many more people play golf than hang glide, and those who die from old age do so while playing golf because they spend so much time there. Maybe brave people are brave just because they lie to themselves about the dangers? With hang gliding, life is at stake each time.

    So, silly lyrics. Coming down is unavoidable. Although one wishes one could be on the ground again without the landing part. Out of ten guys for three weeks, only one broke a leg and two quit. One after having gained surprising height and blew away over the mountain tops to the next valley. He came back to the instructors’ farm late at night after a long walk through the wilderness, bruised and in torn clothes without the wing. He left the next morning. (That all got off topic)

  • Joe

    Local Fluff, I have always said, at least when I go flying, I have wings!, often see people on motorcycles going airborne in some form of stunt and think that to my self!

  • LocalFluff

    Wings? So, you’re Hell’s Angels? :-)

  • wayne

    Great audience-participation, good selection Edward.

    Felix Baumgartner jump
    Red Bull Stratos

  • @Joe:

    Heartily agree. My Petty albums were some of the first I converted to CD.


    Flying is easy; landing is hard.

  • Joe

    Landing is the fun part, take offs mean you are committed to the landing!

  • eddie willers

    As they say about mountain climbing: Going up is optional, getting down is mandatory!

  • eddie willers: Heh. In caving and hiking the Grand Canyon, it is the reverse: Going down is optional, climbing out is mandatory.

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