Vandenberg launches will not resume until late October at the earliest

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Because of continuing repairs following the extensive wildfires at Vandenberg, ULA’s commercial launch using its Atlas 5 rocket will not take place until late October or early November, at the earliest.

It appears once again that the repairs involve damage to the infrastructure at Vandenberg, not the launchpads or rockets.


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  • Localfluff

    No details about what has been damaged? I suppose Vandenberg is dependent on power grid, roads and pipelines if any even at some distance from the launch pads. And that employees have been evacuated or gotten homeless and need a few days off to sort things out.

    Both spaceports closed. And all four rockets that can reach the ISS are out of operation. Two because of explosions ( F9, Antares) and two delayed for (hopefully) minor technical problems (Soyuz, H-IIB). Earth has lost physical contact with the space station!

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