Dolly Parton – Jolene

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An evening pause: Performed live, 2014. I especially like the dancing security guards.

Hat tip Danae.

Hey, I am still looking for tips for my evening pauses. Why let Danae have all the fun? If you see a video you think might fit, make a comment here mentioning that you have something, but don’t post the link. I will email you to get it from you.



  • PeterF

    Is this where you want us to post suggestions?

    I would like to recommend a recording done by Count Basie and Oscar Peterson in 1978 – Night Rider

    It makes me think about cruisin down a back road in my ’57 Chevy. Not in any particular hurry to get there…

  • Rocco Erne

    An evening pause on elements. A song by Tom Lehrer.

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