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El Condor Pasa – Chinese E-Wu and Flute w/ Peruvian flute

An evening pause: El Condor Pasa, played by a Peruvian flute and a Chinese E-Wu and Flute. As the youtube webpage notes, “This is possibly the best-known Peruvian song worldwide, partly due to a cover version by Simon and Garfunkel in 1970 on their Bridge over Troubled Water album, which is called “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)” in full.”

John Browning, part 4

An evening pause: The last part of “The Guns of John Browning” from Tales of the Gun.

The documentary correctly honors Browning for the quality of his designs and workmanship. To me, it is more important to honor him for making the weapons that allowed the United States to defend freedom in the twentieth century. Without these tools in the hands of our soldiers, the wars would have been longer and many more lives would have been lost. And worse, the fascists and Nazis and dictators might have won.

As George Bernard Shaw wrote in Major Barbara, “The people must have power.”

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