Congress, Obama, and NASA fiddle while manned space burns

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The space war continues to heat up again. In a hearing today in the Senate, several senators complained loudly that NASA isn’t implementing the details of the September authorization act.

What clowns. These same senators haven’t provided NASA (or anyone) with a budget. They have also given NASA an authorization bill that does not provide the agency with enough money while simultaneously demanding that things be done faster. And they’ve done this at a time the federal government is almost bankrupt. Moreover, the bill requires that NASA build things that the Obama administration doesn’t want to build (though in truth, the Obama administration itself is so confused that no one, including them, knows what they are going to do).

All in all, the whole thing is a mess.

As I’ve said earlier, it’s all pork. Even if NASA gets the money laid out in the authorization bill, it will accomplish nothing except spread some cash around to several congressional districts. Nothing will get built. And in the process of sending that money to new aerospace companies NASA will do much to squelch their creativity and innovation.

Better to cut it all, and let the aerospace industry sink or swim on its own. It will almost certainly do better that the government at this point. In fact, how could it do worse?



  • From today’s news:

    What is NASA’s Secret Astrobiology Announcement?

    “Science fans across the Internet are eagerly awaiting an announcement from NASA’s astrobiology team. All NASA will say about the press conference is that it will “discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

    It mentions Mars, which reminded me of your spot a while back on the Batchelor Show, where you discussed the NASA guy who found some evidence of life a few years back, but NASA decided not to run with it.

    Given NASA’s recent mission to “improve relations with the Muslim world”, perhaps is really is time to let private industry take over. Start by selling JPL to one (or more) of the existing space consortiums. (Just insist that they not rename it – not even to “Brandon Space Labs.)

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