Bibliography: Magazine And Broadcast Media Publications

Ad Astra

  • August 2000, Part II: Brave New World? American Colonial History as a Guide to Building Space Societies
  • June 2000, Part I: Brave New World? American Colonial History as a Guide to Building Space Societies

Air And Space Smithsonian Magazine

  • May 2010, Mr. Fix-it: the Story of Frank Cepollina and Servicing in Space
  • September 2003, Growing Pains: Agriculture in Space

American Greatness

American History

  • April 2001, Escape from the Iroquois


  • February 2014, Cover story: Does methane flow on Titan
  • January 2014, How much water is on the Moon?
  • February 2012, Will we go back to the Moon?
  • February 2010, How astronomers probe weather on exoplanets
  • October 2009, Epsilon Aurigae: Astronomy’s longest-running mystery show
  • October 2008, Taking Venus by Storm: The results from Venus Express
  • July 2008, Cover story: The Life and Death of Super Suns: the secrets of Wolf-Rayet stars
  • February 2007, What Makes Mira Tick?
  • July 2006, Witness to Cosmic Collisions The Swift Telescope Helps Unlock the Mystery of Short Gamma Ray Bursts
  • December 2005, The Man Who Doubled the Sky: John Herschel’s Survey of the Heavens
  • November 2004, Cover story: The Looming Death of the Hubble Space Telescope?
  • August 2004, Seeking Other Earths: the Search for Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets
  • August 2004, 2005 Annual Issue, The High Energy Zoo: A Tour of Killer Objects in Space
  • December 2001, Cover story: Launching a Caravan to Mars: America’s aggressive Mars exploration program
  • October 2001, Cover story: Heart of Darkness: the Center of the Milky Way
  • September 2001, A Square Dance in Space: the center of a globular cluster
  • June 2001, Cover story: Inside-Out Cosmology: the Astronomy of Physics
  • May 2001, Cover story: Seeing with X-Ray Eyes: Chandra’s First Discoveries
  • May 2001, NEAR-Shoemaker Scores a Touchdown
  • May 2000, Speed Matters
  • May 2000, NEAR Arrives Right on Target
  • February 2000, Scoping out a Monster Star: Eta Carinae
  • November 1999, When Disaster Strikes
  • February 1999, Mashed Potatoes and Ice Cream Sundaes
  • November 1998, Cover story: Into the Malstrom: a Visit to the Crab Nebula
  • April 1997, When Neutron Stars Collide
  • March 1995, Polaris, the Code-Blue Star

BBC Sky At Night

  • May 2009, Light from the Unknown

The Federalist


  • October 1993, Shelf Lives and Videotape

Ideas On Liberty


  • August 1996, The World in a Jar

Invention And Technology


  • April 2002, Weightlessness!
  • April 2002, To the Moon and Back: the Flight of Apollo 11

National Interest

Natural History

  • April 2004, No-Fly Zone: Birds in Space
  • March 2004, Deep Impressions: The Core of the Earth

Oxford American

  • August 2010, A New Colonial Age

Page 99 Test

Return to the Moon: A Collection of Essays

  • January 2005, Brave New World?

Santa Clara Magazine


  • May 2009, Biologists Struggle to Solve Bat Deaths



Sky And Telescope

  • August 2015, Cover story: Budget Scramble at Kitt Peak
  • January 2015, Cover story: Flawed Giants
  • November 2014, Cover story: Spider Webs in Space
  • March 2014, How to build the Giant Magellan Telescope
  • October 2013, Cover story: The Great Supernova Race
  • April 2013, Cover story: Exploring Caves in Space
  • October 2012, The Great Galactic Travelers
  • March 2012, Cover story: Finding the Sun’s lost nursery
  • March 2011, Cover story: Astronomy’s Crystal Ball
  • October 2009, Become a Super Amateur: Amateurs astronomers do original research
  • August 2009, cover story, What is Wrong With the Sun?
  • April 2009, Cosmic Cataclysms: The Merger of Supermassive Black Holes
  • November 1997, Explorers of the Unknown


  • December 2009, Looking Way Out There From Way Out There: The Future of Space Astronomy
  • April 2009, Understanding Beta Lyrae: A Very Messy Star Seen for the First Time
  • August 1999, Cover Story: Sun Up, the Coming Solar Maximum
  • December 1998, Martian Invasion
  • December 1998, More Delays Likely for International Space Station
  • October 1997, Next Stop: Saturn and the Moon
  • August 1997, Cover Story: The Search for the Heliosphere

The Sciences

  • March 2002, (Update Magazine) Cover Story: Final Descent, NEAR’s Mission to Eros
  • October 2000, Lost City, the archaeology on Jamestown Island
  • August 1999, This is the Way the World Ended
  • December 1998, Photo Finish
  • April 1998, On a Clear Day you Can See Forever
  • April 1998, Hard Rain
  • December 1997, Silent Springs
  • October 1997, Sahel of a Trip
  • August 1997, Just Say Nyet!
  • August 1997, Twinkle, Twinkle
  • June 1997, Galactic Garbos
  • April 1997, An Accomodating Comet
  • April 1997, Moon Rivers
  • February 1997, Stormy Weather
  • October 1996, The Rainbow’s Not Enough
  • August 1996, Beautiful Streamers
  • June 1996, First Light
  • April 1996, Telescopic Vision
  • February 1996, The Shadow Boxer
  • August 1995, Harvest Moon
  • April 1995, The Hubble Inconstant
  • December 1994, Five Million Years of Solitude
  • October 1994, Circle Games
  • August 1994, The Sun Factor
  • June 1994, No Place Like Home
  • April 1994, Stellar Vision
  • February 1994, Computer Ear
  • October 1993, Shelf Lives and Videotape
  • August 1990, Dark Passage

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

  • August 2013, No liftoff for these space flights of fancy
  • September 1998, Are the Russians out to Launch or out to Lunch?
  • July 1997, Lost in Space


Various Published Cave Exploration Articles

  • June 1993, The Lightweight Simple Knots System, Nylon Highway
  • December 1991, The Geology of Brown’s Depression: Predicting a Cave Discovery, Met Grotto News
  • September 1991, A Journey into Dreamland, Mapping in McFails Cave, The Northeastern Caver
  • March 1991, A Short Stroll to Asia Dome, Exploration/Mapping in McFails Cave, The Northeastern Caver
  • December 1989, A Course in Caving Single Rope Techniques, Met Grotto News
  • October 1989, Beyond The End, Exploration/Mapping in McFails Cave, The Northeastern Caver
  • May 1989, Kingston Delaware Mine, Survey and Map, Met Grotto News
  • July 1986, Discovery and Mapping of Here Today Cave, Part 2 Met Grotto News
  • May 1986, Discovery and Mapping of Here Today Cave, Part 1, Met Grotto News


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