Moonlight Sonata

An evening pause: I cannot confirm who the singer is, as he posts his name only in Japanese picture words. I also am not sure where the lyrics come from. Interesting though to hear someone sing this Beethoven music.

Hat tip Alton Blevins.

Billy Joel – She’s Right On Time

An evening pause: Normally I hate official music videos. They are almost always boring and predictable adolescent stories that have little to do with the song. I always prefer the live performance, because then you see the artist at work.

This video is an exception, in that it doesn’t do what you expect, and is quite silly in the process.

Hat tip Mitch Masterfix.

Haley Reinhart – I Put a Spell on You

An evening pause: Performed live October 31, 2022.

Hat tip Judd Clark. I once again must ask for suggestions from my other readers. Judd Clark and Alton Blevins continue to send great stuff, but I really like to have as many people contributing as possible. If you have suggested before you know the rules. If not, state you have something you want to suggest in the comments below, but DON’T post a link to it.. I will email you to get it.

Jess Erskine – The Prisoner Intro, re-visited

An evening pause: Those familiar with the original series, The Prisoner, will find this quite amusing. As the filmmaker notes on the youtube webpage, “And yes, this is cheesy as crap. I made it that way on purpose. Be seeing you!”

And if you aren’t familiar with the original, which was a truly unique and very surreal spy TV show of the 1960s, watch the original opening first. It is amazing how close this new version matches, in a ridiculous way, the shot angles and action of the actual opening sequence.

Hat tip Wayne DeVette.

Dwayne O’Brien – We Remember

An evening pause: To the men who flew the planes.

And all who’ve coursed through hostile skies,
Know that freedom requires a sacrifice,
To those who paid the highest price,
We remember.

With a place of honor so deserved,
For what flesh and blood and steel have earned,
That may the glory be reserved,
For the colors they so bravely served.

Keep them flying, keep them flying,
So that all who see them will know,
That our freedom was won by the blood that flowed,
And we remember.

Hat tip Chris Whiting.

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