Lainey Wilson – Things A Man Oughta Know

An evening pause: Unlike yesterday’s song, this song should be the anthem for today’s generation, especially the men. The chorus:

How to know when it’s love
How to stay when it’s tough
How to know you’re messing up a good thing
And how to fix it fore it’s too late
And yea I know a boy
Who gave up and got it wrong
If you really love a woman you don’t let her go
Yeah I know few things a man oughta know

Hat tip Dan Morris.

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp – This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr

An evening pause: This could be the anthem of anyone younger than 20 after their experience during the past two years. Masks and fear-mongering and lies, lies, LIES. It breaks my heart to know that these lies have robbed a whole generation of hope and faith in the greatness that is possible in all humans. And without hope or faith in doing the impossible, not even the possible will be easy.

Note too that Hedy Lamarr proved in her life that the impossible was possible.

Hat tip Wayne Devette.

David Bull – David’s Choice

An evening pause: Hat tip Cotour, who admits “This is a bit different.” I agree, but it gives you a flavor from the past when a new technology first met art, to produce something beautiful but new. From the youtube webpage:

The next in our ‘David’s Choice’ series, where Tokyo-based woodblock printmaker David Bull introduces some of his favourite prints. This time, the print(s) being featured are from the old Doi Hanga Company, and are two different scenes of the Kagurazaka district of Tokyo. The designers were Tsuchiya Koitsu, and Noel Nouet, and the prints were originally published in the late 1930s.

Mister Rogers – Garden of Your Mind

An evening pause: As a kid, I could never stomach Mister Rogers. The most I could ever watch him was about ten seconds before becoming totally bored. Thus, I was initially very doubtful about scheduling this video — until I watched it. It takes the things Rogers said and did and turns it into a really good rap video!

Hat tip Tom Wilson, aka t-dub.

Freedom Toons – Jordan Peterson sings Evanescence

An evening pause: I don’t know why, but to me this cartoon, which puts the fundamental words of Jordan Peterson to the tune of a rock song, with appropriate but light-hearted visuals, seems perfect for this year’s Memorial Day. From the song:

You cannot escape the suffering that comes with life
Carry all your pain
Become hero archetype

The past generations who sacrificed their lives for our civilization, whom we are supposed to honor and remember today, understood these words and didn’t need a teacher to explain them. Today’s generation, badly taught by my 60s generation, needs to hear them and think about them. If they do, the future will be bright indeed.

Hat tip Geoffrey Carman.

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