SpaceX successfully launches a previously flown first stage

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The competition heats up: SpaceX has successfully launched a commercial satellite using a previously flown first stage.

Even more important, they landed that first stage on a barge, and can even consider using it again!



  • jburn

    Wow! Incredible….

  • Des

    Fantastic job by the great team at Spacex. They have proven all the many doubters wrong.

  • Robert Pratt

    Capitalism in Space baby!!!!

  • Alex

    Please, no repainted first stage next time.

  • pzatchok

    This is a sad sad day for American Space.

    We have been reduced to using a USED first stage. We can not even afford new rockets anymore.

    I hope this doesn’t make the world news. This is SOO embarrassing. What will the other nations think of us?

    Just imagine all the good union jobs lost because we couldn’t use a new rocket. I think we need a law forcing everyone to use new rockets for all launches inside the US and make sure they use only union labor for all the work. In order to keep all those launch companies in the US we should offer them subsidies. Enough to make it worth their while to stay.
    It will save the US money, jobs and bring in more taxes.

    Or we could just loudly chant USA USA USA and say screw it to all the other jealous nations of the world.

  • Commodude

    D.D. Harriman lives.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    Just think of the children….if we could save just one, it would be all worth it…

    First World Problems

  • Gealon

    Was tense watching it last night when the video on the barge cut out. But the people erupting into cheers a few moments later told me everything was golden even before the feed came back. I wonder now if SpaceX will indeed start naming their boosters in the future.

  • ken anthony

    I wonder if used rocket salesmen will wear cheap suits? …in the twilight zone!

  • Michael

    Commodude – agreed …. unfortunately so does Nehemiah Scudder

    pzatchok – great observation … thought occurs to me that we should tax all rockets that are reused because of the lost jobs

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