The McCarthyism of the left

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A businessman who has been attacked by the Democrats and the Obama campaign simply because he has supported Mitt Romney has lost hundreds of customers.

Nor is this the first time the left has gone after private citizens who took political positions they didn’t like:

After California voters approved Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage in 2008, opponents published the names of donors, who were later linked with zip codes and Google Maps. Donors reported getting death threats. Boycotts were set against businesses, and activists encouraged customers to call and harass business owners. Among the activists’ arguments for why Mr. VanderSloot is antigay is that his wife donated to the campaign for Proposition 8. [emphasis mine]

And then there is the actor/comedian Jon Lovitz, who in the past week has expressed some strong opinions against President Obama. It seems that his friends in Hollywood are now worried that he might hurt his career by criticizing a Democratic President, and “have warned him to dial it back.”

As a former film producer and screenwriter as well as film teacher at both New York University and the New School, I can tell you without hesitation that in the liberal-dominated entertainment industry there is no tolerance for differing political views. If you are conservative and people find out, you will be blacklisted.

Or to put it in more plain language, “Shut up!”

The left likes to claim it is the home of civility, tolerance, and fairness. In truth, the left is where the worst kinds of oppressive, close-minded, and mean-spirited behavior in the political world gets supported and promoted. It is time that every decent American calls them on it.


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  • wodun

    I guess there is a difference between using the donors to attack the politician and using the politician to attack the donors.

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