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Tonight I will be appearing on the first hour of Coast to Coast with George Noory, 10 pm (Pacific), to discuss the decision of NASA, to be announced at 4 pm (Eastern) today, on what company the agency has chosen to build its commercial crew ferry.

As I mentioned earlier, the rumors say it will be Boeing. From my perspective, common sense says it should be SpaceX. We shall see.

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  • Doug

    Since when did common sense have anything to do with what the government does? :)

  • Michael Cohen

    I heard your interview, but nothing about UFOs, aliens and things like that. Did you know that Ben Rich, the former head of Lockheed’s stealth program, said on his deathbed confession twenty years ago that we are using ET technology and the US Military has been to the starts. See Ben Rich Lockheed ET on google.
    So what do you think about his remarks? Was he insane? But how do you explain all those UFOs running around making our technology look primitive?
    I now understand how the astronomers keep telling how they find ‘earth like’ planets. They get it from our military people who area actually there.

  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry, but you won’t hear much about UFOs when I appear on Coast to Coast. Take a long and detailed look at my website. My interests are focused on the cutting edge of science and space exploration that is happening today, by humans. I don’t spend a lot of time speculating about stuff that can’t be documented reliably.

  • A good presentation, as always, Bob. I love the fact that you always squeeze in an endorsement of free enterprise for the benefit of George’s vast listening audience. I wish you were allotted a longer time on air. It would be fun if you could branch out into talking about some of your cave survey adventures.

  • As I always say, tell C2C! They listen to their listeners.

  • Cotour

    Mathematics and physics? Measurement and duplication of results? Observation and comparing those observations with what has already been observed and verified?

    Some things just can not be argued with based on the above rationally established protocols and yet sometimes we choose to fool ourselves because we can not fathom what we observe and reconcile those observations with the reality and morality that we “know” to exist.

    If Joseph Goebbles did not say that he should have.

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