1931 vs 2010

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Want to know what’s going to happen? What the 1930s tell us about today.


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  • Jim Wing

    The anecdote that Churchill was momentarily distracted while looking left, subsequently struck, then recovered, is perhaps not coincidence but a presage we should heed. Churchill’s famous radio address insisted that Britons never give up the fight against totalitairan regimes and ideaologies.
    I am currently reading the recently released book, “Bloodlands – Europe Between Hitler and Stalin” by Timothy Snyder. In it, he explains so well that the atrocities perpetrated during the 30’s by Stalin, Hitler and Hirohito under the shadow of the Great Depression were know by many people capable of exposing them but were unwilling to confront thereby releasing a whirlwind of cataclysmic suffering. I know we are in similar times and are in dire need of Churchillian leadership from real men and strong women. I pray we get them.

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