A list of politicians boycotting Netanyahu

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Link here. The list is incomplete, as it doesn’t include Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts). Nonetheless, it is instructive to note which party every single one of these politicians belongs to. I think you can guess.

But they support Israel! They said so!

In related news, it is now reported that President Obama has cut off providing Israel its intelligence information about Iran’s nuclear program.

But Obama supports Israel! He said so!



  • Cotour

    I can never understand the thinking of empowering your sworn enemy. Iran is both Americas and Israel’s sworn enemy by their own well stated admission. You can justify from their point of view why that is the way it is by citing different manipulations by the powers that be in the world over the years but still when you boil it down Iran’s stated intent by their own words is to vaporize Israel when they have the opportunity.

    The president and his fellow liberals, Jews included, in their moral litteralist thinking believe that America does not have the right to dominate a sovereign country by not allowing them to gain those weapons by which they intend to carry out their well stated intent.

    This kind of thinking when introduced to the power that enables it to actually exist in the real world becomes an existential threat to everyone. And the president is in the process of finalizing some kind of agreement that will accomplish for the Iranians what they would not be able to accomplish without the help of the highest powers.

    These kind of people when in office become a near guarantee that their will be a much higher level of conflict and possibly a third world war.

    When you are willing to give your power advantage away to your enemy that is either called being naive or it is called treason. Choose one.

  • Cotour

    And this woman thinks that its an insult to the intelligence of America that BiBi spoke to Congress.


    I can not think a of a more insulting to the American intelligence person than this woman. This ding bat is the third or forth person in line in our government, that, besides being genuinely terrifying, is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. That is what we should all fear.

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