A Massachusetts judge has ruled that the state there owns your children.

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Fascist state: A Massachusetts judge has ruled that the state there owns your children.

The case involves Justina Pelletier, who lived in Connecticut with her parents, was ill, and brought to Massachusetts to get treatment her Connecticut doctors couldn’t give. The Massachusetts doctors took control of the case, changed the diagnosis, and started psychiatric treatment that was against the wishes of the parents. When the parents tried to get their daughter back, the hospital refused, literally imprisoning their daughter and denying them access to her. The Massachusetts judge has now ruled that the hospital and the state have this right, and that the parents are irrelevant to the treatment of their daughter.

My advice: Stay out of Massachusetts. And if you live there, move!



  • DDZ

    Sounds like that judge thinks that failure to suck up to State personnel justifies the State to take away parents’ custody of their children.

  • ken anthony

    Down this road leads to violent revolution.

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