A Moveon.org petition calls for the arrest of the House Republican leadership.

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Leftwing tolerance: A Moveon.org petition calls for the arrest of the House Republican leadership.

At the moment the petition has over 21,000 signers. Isn’t it gratifying how tolerant the left is to the idea of dissent, when that dissent happens to disagree with them?



  • wodun

    To be fair, a similar petition to arrest congressional Democrats and Obama would get a good reaction on the right.

  • Cotour

    No, I do not agree.

    What is not being discussed is that these schemes / techniques / strategies are contained within the Constitution and they are there for a reason, to counter balance powers and abuses of power by either party. I believe that the generic Republican understands that and also understands the functions of the Constitution. On the other hand the Democrat / liberal / in this case default Marxists believe that the Constitution is an old document that needs to be eliminated because they have their hand on the levers of power. That in a nut shell is a big problem. And more and more people who are uninformed are beginning to believe the same.

  • I think not. And if it did, it would get pilloried by most conservatives. I certainly would be disgusted by such a petition.

  • Scott

    Yes. The Constitution is intended as a constraint on federal power, not an enabler. Unfortunately, Dear Leader finds this most troublesome and will do all in his power (and any other power he can appropriate) to bypass the blockage. The man violates his oath with every breath.

  • Cotour

    And there in lies the intended function of the Constitution, constraint and counter balance. This administration and moment in our history are the ultimate test of the document, my theory is that it ultimately gets stronger as you test its limits. The only way to defeat it is to announce that it no longer exists.

  • Edward

    The point is that no such petition exists from the Right demanding the arrest of people on the Left. The right seems to have more tolerance than those who claim to be tolerant (in my experience they even brag at how tolerant they are).

    However, they are only tolerant of those who agree with them, which is not at all tolerant. They call those who disagree with them all kinds of bad names, as we have seen in recent years, including hostage taker, racist and fascist, in order to intimidate them into silence. Now they seem to be calling for law enforcement to be brought into play in order to remove from society anyone who disagrees with the Left’s opinions. This is even more intimidating.

    Indeed, shutting down dissent is one of the basics of fascism.

  • wodun

    But people on the right say Obama should be impeached all the time.

    I don’t think opposition to Obama and the Democrats is sedition but I see this type of stuff coming from both sides. Right now, there is a greater magnitude and severity of rhetoric from people of power on the left. And I think that people calling for impeachment do so based on laws they think have been broken as opposed to just not liking the other party’s position. But I am sure a Democrat would view things the exact opposite.

  • wodun

    I agree it is troubling in light of the weaponization of government agencies and liberal publications calling for the execution of elected officials as the TNR did last week. But I wouldn’t make too much of this petition on its own.

  • I generally don’t agree with conservatives who demand Obama’s impeachment, but note that they are still following the constitution in making that demand. It is perfectly legal and correct under the Constitution for Congress to impeach a President. All that does is remove him from power. It does not put him in prison.

    Demanding the arrest and imprisonment of Republican lawmakers, merely because they tried to influence legislation, is downright fascist and tyrannical. The two have nothing to do with each other.

  • Lois Johnson

    Well maybe there is a difference among political groups that affects how they react.

    “Those Darn Facts: Liberal professor shocked to discover Tea Party smarter than average”.


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