A program works so of course the Obama administration must stop it!

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We’re here to help you: The Justice Department has decided to force Yuma, Arizona to abandon a working border control program and make them follow the same policies that aren’t working anywhere else.

According to the sheriff of Yuma County, Arizona, the Department of Justice is set to end a program called “Operation Streamline” which prosecutes first-time illegal border crossers, and U.S. Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain are wondering why. Sheriff Leon Wilmot brought the DOJ’s plan to Flake’s attention in a letter last month. In it, Wilmot noted the success of a program called Operation Streamline, which implemented a zero-tolerance policy against illegal immigration.

But the DOJ is ending the successful program and bringing Yuma County’s policies in line with other sectors that have had trouble keeping a lid on illegal immigration.

Read the article. It outlines in detail the success of the Yuma program.


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  • Max

    To under stand the immigration problem and it’s lack of enforcement, You must understand why for the past 30 years it has been encouraged. Follow the dollar and the reality of Political greed it will give you the motive behind our current situation. “Who benefits” It is not legal for foreign nationals to work in this country. To do so they must come up with a fake IDs with fake Social Security numbers. (If they are paid under the table, they are arrested by ICE and deported)
    When taxes are paid by the employee and the employer on these fake IDs, The Federal reserve, with the most sophisticated computer system in the world, Identifies the ID and the signatures of the valid people and all the rest are considered donations like the check box at the top of the tax form. In other words, hundreds of billions of dollars paid into the Federal Reserve go on a separate set of books and never is delivered to the treasury. The federal reserve has never been audited. Any who File fake tax forms and receive a refund whether it be Chinese, Russian, or illegal aliens in this country, Received the check from the treasury. Not the Federal Reserve. I would remind you that any state that has an income tax also receives this benefit and are called sanctuary states. If 60,000 Mexicans can die on our border in a drug war over a $3 billion industry, How many would be sacrificed to maintain hundreds of billions of dollars of income for the Federal Reserve cartel? For this reason they will never give Amnesty, but if they do, worry. For the game will be up and the stakes will have risen.

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