Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

It ain’t just the Democrats: A Republican congressman threatens a reporter for asking him an unexpected question.

They work for us, and should be fired, regardless of party, when they behave this way.

  1. Cotour says:

    The three standard disarming and non polarizing responses all politician’s (especially a Republican or a Conservative) need to train to respond correctly to, even in their sleep, especially when they are on camera during an interview:

    1. A simple, conversation ending, non judgmental position on gay marriage.
    2. A simple, conversation ending and reasonable position on abortion.

    and finally, you should always expect the curve ball question, even if you are doing a “favor” for the media by appearing on camera.

    3. A simple response to any impropriety allegations or indictments related to campaign funding investigations by the feds.

    Learn these techniques and you too can be a politician and thrive!

  2. wodun says:

    Pretty disgusting.

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