‘Akatsuki’ probe set to try and enter Venus’s orbit

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The Japanese spacecraft, Akatsuki, is set to enter orbit around Venus tomorrow.



  • L.P.T.

    I hope the the Japanese “NASA” office makes public any finds they have. Ours does not do this. On Coasttocaostam.com show the other night a comment was made that if NASA has a significant find it is to their benefit to publicize the find. I agree they should, but they don’t release all they find. I’m including a job description from a doctor who retired several years ago from NASA and sadly passed on to the other side about 2 years ago. Even Edgar Mitchell had never heard of this office…

    This man’s job means NASA had findings they kept from the public.

    I was Director of Bio Medical Research for NASA for 27 years. Besides my M.D. I also hold a Ph.D. in Bio-Chemistry. My specialties are: Life Support Systems and Medical Telemetry. I have also been involved in EBEDS ( Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entity Detection Systems). My specialty here was sequential decoding of DNA Generated Magnetic Signatures. EBEDS is a low key, highly classified, mostly unknown branch of our Space Program. Although EBEDS operates under the umbrella of NASA, it is funded by the military.

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