All A-OK with New Horizons

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Engineers have pinpointed the issue — “a hard-to-detect timing flaw in the spacecraft command sequence” — that caused New Horizons to enter safe mode on Saturday.

Since they do not plan to upload any similar commands before the July 14th fly-by, they do not expect a repeat of this problem. Full science operations are expected to resume on July 7.



  • Maurice

    Some imagery was lost, but how much hasn’t been made clear. Any insider info?

  • Nick P

    Re: “Some imagery was lost”

    They haven’t been showing us much anyway, but thank God it’s back online.

    I have a close friend who was in control of releasing the images from Voyager at JPL. He told me he released the images immediately upon receiving them. He’s retired now but I wish he still worked there…

  • Maurice

    Voyager is still giving us new insights into our Solar system. I still check the mission site often, hoping for news on the magnetic field reversal (or not)

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