An exoplanet that shouldn’t exist

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Worlds without end: Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet that is too big for its tiny host star.

Present theory says that a Jupiter-sized planet should not have formed around this M-class dwarf star. But it has. In addition, the planet has the mass of Saturn but has been puffed up to the size of Jupiter. Yet, the star doesn’t provide it enough heat to cause it to puff up in this manner.


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  • Max

    This is interesting on two points.
    One, The mass of a Saturn size planet is only 10% more than earth. This makes it one of the smaller planets found.
    Second, heat is not determined by radiation from the sun. For example, the moon receives twice as much heat as the earth because it has no atmosphere. And yet the Earth’s average temperature is 100° hotter than the moon.
    Here are some more examples of planets that do not get their heat from the sun.
    Jupiter, on its surface, is 50,000°. Five times hotter than the photosphere of the sun. Even though it is five times further from the sun than we are.
    Saturn is also hotter than the photosphere (surface) of the sun.
    The farthest planet from the sun, Neptune, is hotter than Uranus which is about the same temperature as the photosphere of the sun !
    The planets colder than the sun are Venus, at 860° average. Then mercury, at 200° average. Earth, at near 50° average. Mars, the fourth planet from the sun is also the coldest.

    As you can see here, or read for yourself, The heat of the planet has nothing to do with its distance from the sun. That is an unproven hypothesis a kin to religious dogma that people have been taught and always believed. Sounds logical, but in practice is far from the truth. The truth is what you can prove, and the proof is overwhelming…

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