An Obamacare supporter begins to see the light.

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An Obamacare supporter begins to see the light.

None of the surprising disasters he describes should have been a surprise to him, but for the fact that he likely considered any criticism in 2010 of Obama or Obamacare by his conservative friends pure racism and not worth listening to. Thus, he never heard them tell him that these disasters were exactly what was going to happen.

Will he change his voting allegiances come November? I doubt it. Too many of the liberal voters I have met in my life are downright bigoted when it comes to politics. To them, Democrats are “the good people who protect the weak and poor” while Republicans are “the evil racists who want to starve little children.” With this simplistic view of the world, they are generally unable to consider the possibility that they have this wrong.


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  • Cotour

    I found this new healthcare insurer in NYS, its called OSCAR, its suppose to be a “new kind of insurance company”. I heard the CEO interviewed on the radio this morn and upon my preliminary inspection it appears to be a simple and straight forward health care insurance company. I don’t know anything about it other than what I found on their web site. If anyone knows more about it please leave some feedback.

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