Another glorious Democratic leader speaks!

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Dumb and dumber: In yesterdays Democratic townhall event, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton not only claimed that “we didn’t lose a single person” in the regime change in Libya, she seemed unaware that

ISIS is taking up blocs of territory in Libya now, too. So have al-Qaeda affiliates like Ansar al-Sharia — the group that sacked our Benghazi consulate nearly four years ago, thanks in large part to security decisions made by State under Hillary’s leadership. We didn’t give Libya a chance — we destroyed Libya, and left nothing but a viper pit of terror networks to replace it. And Hillary thinks this is a success story.

Be sure to watch the video of Clinton at the link, where she argues that the elections in Libya have worked, installing a moderate government. I guess it was that moderate government that killed our ambassador and three others in Benghazi four years ago.



  • PeterF

    “She is often confused”

  • BSJ

    Now, for something completely different…

    I was meaning to ask you as a writer Bob, what ‘style of speech’ does Trump use?

    I find it painfully annoying to listen too, and tedious to read!

    I’ve felt it was a 6th grade level, at best.

    Here’s some conformation. Considering the source…

  • All I can say is that I find Trump’s conversational style quite frustrating. He never really finishes any point, he wanders from thought to thought, and is generally pretty incoherent. I discussed this at a post earlier this year, here.

    And to add to the last sentence of that post, it does appear right now that a large number of Republican voters truly are insane.

  • Wayne

    Trumpism is a lot of world-salad and ultra-tangential.
    (I’m pretty darn tangential myself but even I can’t follow his thought-tract. )

    He is however getting better at his presentation, which is even more scary.
    -The descriptors: “free-association” “pressured speech,” “flight of idea’s,” & “cliché-ridden,” comes to mind.
    The few transcripts I’ve seen of interviews– He often leaves out essential Nouns & Verbs, as well, >>sentence-fragments, writ large!

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