Apple makes the conservative internet vanish

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The state religion will not be challenged! Apple`s new news service considers leftwing news outlets the only outlets worth listing.

Their unwillingness to consider almost any conservative sites for listing not only illustrates their biased leftwing perspective, it also shows us their deep-seated close-mindedness. They believe in liberalism/socialism/big government so much they make it a point to refuse to even read opposing sites, no less deny access to them.



  • wodun

    It is the same way on all the news apps.

  • David M. Cook

    It’s the same with Google Chrome. I try to add as the default search engine but Google won’t allow it. I must open a separate tab for to perform searches.

    Ixquick does not store your search data & there is an https version as well. You all should be using it to keep your searches from becoming Federal data.

  • I have stopped using google for almost anything now for about four years. I use Start Page, which is an ixquick search engine.

    I also do not use gmail, and avoid signing onto google if at all possible, and sign off immediately after I am done. I found if I did not, they recorded everything I did while signed in. It ain’t any of their business!

  • phill o

    OK, what id Firefox like?


  • David M. Cook

    I don’t know, Phill. I stopped using Firefox when they ousted their executive for daring to have an opinion which was contrary to the Left’s view.

    At the time this happened, I mentioned it to my (now former) manager (age 22) and he insisted Firefox “had to axe him because they were losing revenue”. Clearly, the next generation of tech geeks has no morals; their God is the almighty dollar.

    I removed Firefox from my computer at home AND at work. Mozilla people are money-grubbing COWARDS!!!

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