Astronauts return after 340 days on ISS

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After 340 days in space astronauts Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko safely returned to Earth early today.

Now the real research begins. Because Kelly has an identical twin, Mark Kelly, who is also a former astronaut, researchers will be able to gain a great deal of knowledge comparing the differences in how their bodies changed over the nearly full year, with one in weightlessness and the other on Earth.

However, what I want is longer missions, two or three years long, thus far exceeding what it would take to travel to and from Mars. Only then can we find out if humans will be able to make the journey safely.



  • They aren’t exactly identical anymore. Because he spent nearly a year traveling faster than his brother, Scott Kelly is ever so slightly younger than his sibling.

  • wayne

    Excellent point. Would someone maybe… do the math on that? Positive I could not, but do get the concept.
    He was travelling at non-relativistic speeds, so it is “ever so slightly!”

    I’m new here– but a fantastic bunch of informed & civil people, read this website!

  • Steve Earle

    Wayne, I forgot to thank you for mentioning on the other thread the old TV show “Time Tunnel” and this seems like the perfect topic to say it… ;-)

    That was one of my favorites growing up, catching it in re-runs (I think it only ran for 1 or 2 seasons)

    Also loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (until it turned into Monster-of-the-Week along with Lost in Space…. ;-)

    And of course Star Trek TOS

    Time Tunnel was classic Irwin Allen, big ideas, big sets, low budgets, and brilliant stories one week and silly the next LOL!

  • Wayne

    Steve My Man!
    Only 15 episodes of “Time Tunnel.” (They could just never “get a signal-lock, on Tony & Doug.”)
    “Lost In Space,” first episode is good but then it just goes rapidly down hill. (I mean, Dr. Smith was a Soviet agent, wasn’t he? Turned all silly…)
    Yes- love my Star Trek. The best S-F show, of all time. (IMO)
    (Saw the original Star Wars at a drive-in, but just couldn’t follow it after that.)
    How about some “Dr. WHO?” I just can not get into the new stuff, at all, but enjoy the John Pertwee & William Hartnell era.

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