Atlas 5/Cygnus launch delayed until mid-April

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ULA has delayed its next Atlas 5 launch to send a Cygnus cargo capsule to ISS until mid-April.

Gatens said NASA was now expecting the Cygnus to launch to the station no earlier than the middle of April. “The Orbital launch, the next launch, has slipped due to an investigation of a hydraulic leak in the booster engine compartment that’s in work,” she said. “There are some components being replaced. The investigation is going on and we’re currently targeting no earlier than, probably, a mid-April launch.”

ULA spokeswoman Jessica Rye said March 28 that a new launch date has not been set yet for the mission. “Additional information will be provided once testing to resolve the booster hydraulic issue is complete,” she said.

The launch was initially planned for mid-March. This delay has forced NASA to delay a spacewalk because it involves installing equipment that the Cygnus capsule is bringing to ISS.



  • LocalFluff

    Proton, Atlas V, Ariane 5 and commercial Soyuz are all out of service for reasons ranging from strikes to malfunctions. Those are the world’s four most frequently launched rockets. And the fifth, Falcon 9, has only made one launch since its latest failure. Still today it is hard to get anything to orbit.

  • John E Bowen

    “Proton, Atlas V, Ariane 5 and commercial Soyuz are all out of service for reasons . . . Still today it is hard to get anything to orbit.”

    True, and very hard to predict how it will all shake out. Will Russia solve its quality control issues? Will Arianespace be successful in their bargaining? Viewed at a high level, though, this is just the market doing its job. There is some, though not perfect, overlap between the carriers, so customers have some choices in the mid-term.

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