August 30, 2016 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. The phrase of the day: “Flight-Proven!”



  • Phil: No, thank you! You created the panorama we were discussing. You should get the credit.

  • marge strach

    Shout out to John bachelor radio show 94.3 it’s how I found your website :) thanks for the cool updates
    I’m from generation who was 9 when we walked on the moon. It’s very sad the kids today have no clue how exciting nasa rocket launches were. President John Kennedy is rolling in his grave to see NASA being
    Far from its former self.

  • wayne

    Hey– very few radio-shows do Space as well as John Batchelor & Mr. Z!

    >Highly recommend Mr. Z’s, “Genesis, the Story of Apollo 8.” (I’m in your age-cohort & I saw that launch in-person, very spectacular!) You will enjoy the book– get an autographed hard-copy from Mr. Z., & the e-book version!
    You’ll enjoy this as well–
    “Robert Zimmerman – The Future of Space Exploration & Apollo 8 (The Moore Show)”

    -slight correction– SpaceX is a private company & they contract with NASA for launch/tracking, etc., services. The credit goes primarily to Elon Musk, and not necessarily anyone in our government, for the most part.

    “Believe in the Power of Free-Market Economics!”

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