Backgrounder on June 23 UK vote on EU membership

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Link here. The videos at the link are especially informative.

Polls have recently shifted strongly in favor of leaving the union, but that is not a certain result. If it happens, however, I will consider that decision by the public to be another example of a growing revolt by the general public against the intellectual elites who presently rule western society, since most of these elites appear to favor keeping the United Kingdom in the European Union.

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  • Cotour

    My position is that from the start the blending of all of these unique cultures was wishful thinking, so if I were a Brit I would be for leaving. Cut out the cancer before it kills you.

    My second point is that you assume that what ever voting that is done by the public is pure and not manipulated to a predetermined result. “Oh it was a close one, but the status quo prevails again!”

    I have the same concern about our coming election.

  • Cotour

    A British commentator takes David Cameron to the wood shed and destroys his insistence that Islam is the religion of peace, while there is substantial real world evidence to the contrary.

    The elite leadership in the world has become Sooo perverted and their abuse of power is sooo complete that they without hesitation attempt to force their, dangerous, perverted counter intuitive interpretation of reality on everyone for their political agenda. These are the actions of the delusional and the tyrannical. They represent the height of disrespect to the people for whom they WORK!

  • TimArth

    Paul Joseph Watson gives a good summary of this as well on his you tube page. It’s about 20 minutes long but it is succinct.

    One of his points is that even if the vote leave side wins the referendum, the results will be ignored by the commission in Brussels or they will hold another referendum until they get the result they want.

  • TimArth

    That should have said “could be ignored” rather than “will be ignored”.

  • Cotour

    Tim, I poached your video post and created an email that can be shared:

    If you reject ignorance and want to understand what is going on right in front of your eyes then make time and watch this video. Although it is about the Euro zone, this is the model that is right now underway right in front of your eyes and threatens your freedom and America as you know it.

    This is how through the TPP America will be controlled and how your wealth will be redistributed without your consent by the ever growing need to support the invaders through the welfare system. The government can not have enough of your money.. This is how America, like the country’s in the Euro zone, will surrender its sovereignty and by extension, its CONSTITUTION. Understand what your politicians in Washington have going on and underway right now, right in front of your eyes.

    Hillary goes right along with this, choose someone else. That is if in fact your vote actually still makes any difference.

    Feel free to pass this information on.

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