Betelgeuse might have eaten a star

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Because the red giant star Betelgeuse rotates far faster than it should, astronomers are now theorizing that when it expanded into its present red giant phase about 100,000 years ago it swallowed a companion star which contributed its own angular momentum to the system to speed up the rotation.

This theory is bolstered by evidence of a shell of matter surrounding Betelgeuse that is possibly a remnant of that destroyed star.


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  • wayne

    Interesting stuff!
    The Paper however, is behind a pay-wall. (sad-face symbol)

    The Doc, is an interesting guy.

    “”Professor Quantum” (aka Prof. J. Craig Wheeler) talks about the physics of Wormholes and the movie Interstellar”
    Astronomy on Tap ATX #7 May 26, 2015.

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