Boehner joins Democrats to support funding of Obama amnesty

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Working for the Democratic Party: The Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner announced today that he has joined with the Democrats and will allow a vote on a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security that also funds Obama’s illegal amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.

This flip-flop comes after months of Boehner saying he wouldn’t do this. “The House has acted. We’ve done our job. Senate Democrats are the ones putting us in this precarious position,” Boehner said on Fox News Sunday recently.

It’s unclear whether the vote will pass later on Tuesday, but if it does there are likely to be serious consequences against Boehner for having now flip-flopped into supporting Obama’s executive amnesty.

After this back-stab, I would not be shocked if the Republican caucus tears itself in two as its conservative half tries to get Boehner fired.

Update: The funding bill has passed, with almost 70% of House Republicans voting against it. With numbers like that, it is likely that John Boehner’s days as speaker are numbered. A majority of his own caucus is no longer willing to back him.



  • David M. Cook

    My God! I need TWO HANDS for the face-palm! WTF!!!

  • Max

    I don’t think Amnesty will ever happen. There’s just too much money involved.
    An illegal coworker has told me that if he comes forward, it will change his fake citizenship status! They will know who he really is and that information will be conducted to his former birth country who legally owns him. At that point all of his money that he makes will be reported and subject to tax from his former country. Money wired to home could be confiscated and back taxes could be Levied.
    He has it good now and he will do nothing to jeopardize that, unless he files for full citizenship. He will first move his family here to avoid them being taken hostage.
    The money I spoke about is in relation to the donations paid by foreign nationals to our federal reserve. Foreign people are not required to pay US taxes. (illegal aliens) All monies paid in to the federal reserve on a bogus name or number is not given back, but goes into a donation box similar to the checkbox for political contributions at the top of the W-4 form. (ICE protection tax)
    That’s why there has been nothing but lip service paid to the illegal immigration problem for the past 30 years. The contributions are in excess of hundreds of billions of dollars that are not allocated or redistributed by any political office.
    A semi private corporation, The Federal Reserve, receives this payment for money laundering. (it is 100 years old this year and has never been audited) Taxes paid by noncitizens (undocumented) never make it to the general fund because it is not required to do so. (refunds on the other hand, come directly from the treasury)
    This includes employee matching, and unemployment insurance as well as the normal taxes.
    The sanctuary states are also in on the double book keeping. That’s why states with no income tax are not sanctuary states. There is no benefit.
    If you give Amnesty to all illegal aliens, you will be cutting off the money supply that funds our governments re-election committees and the advertisement cost for those elections. The fourth branch of government would no longer support the left or the right and without the news medias propaganda support the government will fall… Or be reborn.
    Amnesty will defund the political parties. Then the fight moves between the tea party (the people) and the corporations. Both national and international. Take a look around, is there a nation without reformation and dissent and rebellion? They’re saving the best for last… The rest of the world will get in line without firing a shot.

  • ted

    The republican wing of the democratic party has spoken.

  • Cotour

    Lets see who and how many vote for it.

  • Cotour

    I did not see the update, the vote took place and the Republican leadership has joined with the Dems to pass the bill and empower the president and further his un Constitutional efforts.

    Now is the best time, if it can happen to get rid of Bohner rather than closer to the election.

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