Businessman found innocent of all charges after years of persecution by the Justice Department.

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Our fascist government: A medical company and its head was pursued and persecuted for five years by the Department of Justice, based on a false accusation by a former employee, only to lose its case when it finally presented its case to a jury.

It all started when one of our salesmen became upset he didn’t receive a promotion. So he quit and filed a baseless complaint with the U.S. attorney’s office in San Antonio, alleging a multitude of offenses to try to justify a $20 million claim. Simply by hiring a lawyer and making wild accusations, this former employee with an ax to grind became entitled under the law to receive 20 percent of whatever money the government could “recover” from Vascular Solutions.

The government lawyers reviewed his allegations and chose to pursue just one. I offered to meet with them to correct their misinformation, but two days before that scheduled meeting, they called my lawyer and canceled it. And they never would reschedule. So before deciding to bring criminal charges, these prosecutors never heard my side of the story.

Instead, they subpoenaed over 2 million pages of our documents and interviewed over 60 customers and employees. In the process, they received evidence that conflicted with the story told by that money-motivated former employee. But instead of changing their conclusions to fit the evidence, these prosecutors engaged in obscene tactics to try to change the evidence.

In conversation with our lawyers, they called conflicting statements by witnesses “a line of sh*t.” They referred to one employee as “a poor f***er” who needed to return “on bended knee” to “fix” his testimony. They told a female employee to think about what would happen to her firstborn son if she were indicted because she refused to “cooperate.” And by “fix” and “cooperate,” I mean retract their prior testimony and support the government’s case.

Granted, this is written by the man whom the government was trying to prosecute. Still, I believe him, especially because of one key fact he outlines once they went to trial:

In the end, after I endured four weeks sitting in a San Antonio courtroom while still running Vascular Solutions in Minnesota, the jury rejected each and every allegation. And that was without hearing from any of our 20 witnesses, since we made the decision to rest immediately after the government finished its case. So the government’s own witnesses proved our innocence — simply stunning.

The company says it spent $25 million defending itself. It is now calling for an investigation and a firing of these Justice Department lawyers. How many of you expect the Obama administration to follow through with this? I don’t.



  • Garry

    This is exactly the kind of issue the candidates should bring up, and explain how they will handle once in office. Few stories do a better job illustrating the dangers of big government, and why we need to trim it down to size.

    Hopefully one (or multiple) of the candidates bring this (or any related issue) up soon to get the narrative on the right track; I’ve heard enough about the size of Trump’s hands and all that might imply.

  • wayne

    Haven’t heard a lot of “Policy” in the last 8 months. Most all the Candidate’s have relatively detailed policy-papers available, but the Media doesn’t bother to actually cover the details, it’s just a sporting-event to them.
    Remember Ted Steven’s from Alaska? After he lost his election it came out the DOJ had vastly overstepped & a courageous Judge through it all out. (too late)
    Fully convinced there are a million examples of these type of abuses going on.

  • Steve Earle

    Agree, this is exactly the kind of issue the candidates need to highlight. And it is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The regulatory branch of government has grown bigger than the Legislative. It needs to be reigned in and fast if we don’t want to drown in paperwork and petty appointed bureaucracies (Too Late Maybe?)

    As Bob has pointed out many times, NASA is the poster child for this. They are so risk-averse and committee meeting driven that what used to take a few weeks now takes a few years and produces poorer results….

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