California bans Christian clubs at its colleges

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Modern fascism: Christian clubs at California colleges have been banned because the clubs insist that their elected leaders must be Christians.

Leaders of Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, as well as the two other Christian clubs at San Luis Obispo that were derecognized – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Chinese Christian Fellowship – have insisted that they couldn’t allow any non-Christians to be leaders.

“We have no issue with anybody of any kind of race, religion coming to our weekly meetings and being a part of who we are,” San Luis Obispo Missionary Leader Jamey Pappas said. “It’s a question of who’s going to be leading our students in a Bible Study, mentoring them individually, or deciding what kind of content goes into our weekly meeting, and we want people who agree with what we’re about.”

More evidence that the concept of freedom of association is dead in America, and with it freedom itself. The result here is that it is impossible to have a religious organization on these campuses. (Note that the Islamic clubs have joined with the Christian clubs to fight the policy.)

Since I have no doubt that atheist and gay clubs accepted this policy knowing that college administrators will look the other way if they discriminate because they are considered “politically correct,” I think these religious clubs should test the policy for real. Pick an atheist club and swamp it with religious members so that a religious person gets elected as leader. We will quickly find out that the real intent of these policies has nothing to do with preventing discrimination but to squelch the freedoms of traditional American values in favor of new ideologies.



  • D.K. Williams

    Stupidity on steroids.

  • Cotourj

    Now THAT is fascism!

    Would a non Muslim have the opportunity to lead a Muslim organization? I suspect the question would not even be asked, no one would dare ask it. This appears to be arbitrary and seems to be specifically tailored and designed to disenfranchise this particular Christian organization under the banner of non discrimination.

    A Liberal manipulation of definitions and words, much like the strategies that president Obama and his Marxist / Alinski operatives use to confuse and manipulate the masses. Classic.

  • Cotourj

    I just read you strategy suggestion about swamping the Atheist organizations with the religious individuals and taking it over, I like that, brilliant!

  • Max

    Put a male sports jock over the lesbian club, bisexual over the chess club, nerd over the dance club, A born-again Christian over the science club, animal rights activist/sierra club member over the 4H club, and the janitor over the teachers union… I’m having fun with this! The world goes a little more crazy every day.

  • Cotour

    You really are diabolical.

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