California moves to criminalize journalism

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Fascists: Democrats in the California legislature are pushing a bill that would criminalize undercover videos of healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood.

Hey, who says we need a first amendment or a Bill of Rights? We instead have elected Democrats to protect us, including the guy who introduced this bill and who has received $13,500 in campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood. Why should we worry?



  • jburn

    In many ways they are trying to criminalize transparency. Almost every aspect of our lives is visible and open to scrutiny but the opposite is true with government agencies and their allies.

    One need only look at the actions of the Obama regime and it’s use of the IRS to intimidate his enemies (who are loyal and patriotic citizens). Everything about us is transparent, yet everything about these agencies is closed and opaque. The worse part is their claim that’s for our protection.

    It’s not us they are protecting but rather their nefarious actions which they must keep hidden.

  • Cotour

    Like everything that Obama and his fellow travelers endeavor to do their strategy is to say one thing representing a particular position and then blatantly do the exact opposite and then dare those not in power to challenge them when they hold all of the power.

    This is classic Marxist / Leftist speak, just like redefining terms and words used for the last 300 years in law and in society.

    Deception with the end goal being control and the result? As always, ABUSE OF POWER UNDER THE BANNER OF PROMOTING “FAIRNESS” AND” SOCIAL JUSTICE”.

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