College professor arrested for attacks against Trump supporters

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Fascist: Berkeley policy have arrested the college professor who was identified as committing several violent attacks on pro-Trump demonstrators during protests in Berkeley in April.

Video of the most vicious attack, smashing a bike lock on a person’s head, can be seen at the link. It is quite ugly to see. There is also a video showing how the attacker was identified.

Note that this guy was a college professor, and he also followed the procedures of the fascist thugs that have been attacking conservatives in Berkeley, wearing a mask during protests and using violence against those he disagrees with. That he has been identified and arrested is a positive step forward. That it took an investigation by private citizens to force Berkeley police to arrest him is not good.



  • mpthompson

    Yes, this is a positive step forward, but unfortunately against what seems to be a sea of negative steps backward. I get a very uneasy feeling whenever I stop to contemplate the path we seem to be following as a country and a culture.

  • Cotour

    Related. Re posting this because this is also a representation of how Leftists / Marxists operate.

    I spoke to an older, very proud, male, Puerto Rican customer today and asked him what he thought about this parade abomination and our leadership in NYC. “I am very embarrassed. Both me and my wife are very embarrassed about this” He painfully confided in me.

    This college professor / “freedom fighter” is also a true believer as DeBlasio and Viverito are. What is it that they truly believe? They truly believe that on balance America and its Constitution must be razed and rebuilt in a socialist model. Plain and simple.

    “New York City Mayor DeBlasio and the leader of the NYC Council Viverito are in the process of lauding and formally honoring in the Puerto Rican Day Parade the efforts of a Puerto Rican FALN member who served 35 years in prison for being involved in multiple bombings in the United States.

    One day after the bombing in England where young girls were targeted. Will they now plan on honoring this Lybian bombing murderer in the next Muslim day parade? And it is projected that the Liberals in NYC will reelect this disgrace of a human. This behavior is typical of the revolutionary / Marxist / anti capitalism political actors just like Obama and his true believers believe. Insane? This goes way beyond insane, it IMO it is treason of the first order and must not be ignored. What ever you believe about the offences to humanity, capitalism and the exercise of power by the United States these kinds of actions by empowered politicians is not acceptable!

  • eddie willers

    Hip hip hurrah for the Internet.

  • wodun

    Had it not been for the weaponization of deplorable autists on 4chan, the man never would have been held accountable. The police would never have gone through the effort, even though it looked pretty easy to identify the man. We know the police wouldn’t have done it because they haven’t bothered to hold anyone else accountable for throwing explosives and bottles or for other unprovoked assaults.

  • Cotour

    I just read a bit more of this article and another article on this subject. This guy who assaulted this defenseless kid with a brutal and murderous metal bicycle lock teaches, “philosophy and ethics classes at San Francisco-area “. I find this to be exceptionally humorous and indicative of the “good for me but not for thee” type of political intellectual insult.

    I also find this extremely humorous:

    ““His work in political philosophy … centers on mass incarceration and the prison system,” his Diablo Valley faculty page entry read, though it has since been taken down. “He is currently exploring restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.” According to his brief DVC bio, he taught an intro philosophy course that included instruction in “ethics, critical thinking, and comparative philosophy.” Clanton listed “ethics and politics” as his main research interests.”

    Mr. Clanton it appears will be doing first hand research into the mass incarceration system.

    He studies “Ethics and Politics”. Now we have had many discussions about politics here and what is the only conclusion that can be made about politics and ethics based on those discussions? There is no ethics in politics, nor is there truth, nor is there morality, there is only the appearance of the afore listed items.

    What a complete and utter joke related to today’s educational system this story represents. The total and complete intellectual and paradoxical dishonesty it represents is appropriate and condemning of the Democrat party and the extremism the Left most operatives use in order to attempt to install their Marxist philosophy on us all.

    I am thoroughly disgusted as I am sure most here also are. I am hopeful that this case results in Mr. Clanton’s incarceration for attempted murder and some kind of financial penalty to the university who hires such operatives and promotes and encourages his and their agenda.

    These are un American Americans.

  • Cotour

    Something else to consider:

    Are you a “pajama” boy?

    Just cut them off if you consider yourself a socialist / Democrat / Leftist / what ever.

    Too ridiculously funny.

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