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  • Andrew_W

    For a moment I was wondering if I’d pissed you off to such an extent that you’d blocked me!

  • wayne


    Good one.

    Interestingly, it seems as if the “environment” (especially “warming issues”) and certain space/engineering related Topics, garner the most comments & back-n-forth.
    (Just don’t bring up Trump… [“whoops,”] we’re about due for a Trump thread and most folks here have definite opinions.)
    Hang around & you’ll discover an extremely well educated & surprisingly polite bunch of folks who check in on a regular basis.

    On an infinitely lighter note….
    “You blabbed Andrew_W, you blabbed about Mars”

  • Andrew_W

    The commenter’s and host here are a similar lot to those at Rand Simberg’s Transterrestrial Musings, in fact the two sites share several commenters, Rand’s been busy doing up his house in Florida of late (want to buy a house in Boca Raton?) and not been posting much.

  • Andrew_W: Heh. I don’t get pissed off easily. So far I have only banned two people from this list, one for advocating white supremacy and the other for insisting that a valid argument was to insult people. Neither is tolerated. I also do not tolerate the outright spreading of disinformation for the purpose of slandering people.

    Every once in awhile I have warned a few other people. Except for the two mentioned, everyone else immediately recognized that they had crossed a line, apologized, and mended their ways. The result, as you can see, is a generally intelligent and thoughtful discussion. People here can be blunt and direct, and if you are a modern college snowflake who cannot tolerate opposing opinions and need a safe space, this ain’t the place you want to be. However, as long as people follow these basic rules of civilization, I permit all opinions, even ones I disagree with strongly.

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