Congressman says that Congress has the right to force people to buy insurance

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Behind the curtain, a dictator: Congressman John Lewis (D-Georgia) said yesterday that he not only thinks that Congress has the power to make people buy insurance according to the Constitution, it is his obligation to force them to do so. In his own words:

“I think people should be required to get health insurance. We require people to get insurance for their automobile state by state but the federal government has an obligation to encourage by law, moral persuasion, to get people to get health insurance,”


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  • John M. Egan

    Rep. Lewis, If the health care bill that you & your cronies rammed & rushed down our throats is so wonderful why aren’t you & the rest of Congress & the Executive Branch mandated to participate. I wrote Sen. Lieberman months ago about this & all I received from him was silence (or maybe it’s contempt).

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