Continuing resolution in the Senate freezes NASA at 2010 numbers

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The space war over NASA continues: The continuing resolution being offered by the Senate would freeze NASA’s budget at 2010 numbers through March. Also,

NASA would be prohibited from initiating new programs, and could be required to continue spending about $200 million per month on the Moon-bound Constellation program.

As I’ve said repeatedly, the whole thing is a mess.



  • Umm.. what part of the “Constellation program” would they stop spending money on if the appropriations were passed? As far as I’m aware, all the big ticket items are being funded in much the same way under the “new” authorization act, they just changed the name.

    As for commercial crew, they don’t need any more money for that for at least another 6 months. CCDev2 hasn’t even been awarded yet and that’s 2010 budget approved.

    What I think is more important is that this CR stops them from starting work on the HLV.. surely you agree that’s a good thing.

  • Kelly Starks

    Ah, they can’t even take bids for CCDev2, or review proposals from anyone without budget authority.

    But Orion, Ares-I, and Ares-5 (the HLV) are in the old budgets – so those they must spend money on those.

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