Court rules Obamacare requires nuns to buy contraceptives

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You must comply! A federal appeals court has ruled that Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic chartable organization run entirely by celibate nuns, must provide contraceptives, under the Obamacare mandate, to their employees or face IRS fines.

The court’s ruling ends the temporary injunction that prevented the Little Sisters from being fined while awaiting a final court decision. They either must get that injunction reinstate by a higher court or abandon their work. As they stated today,

As Little Sisters of the Poor, we offer the neediest elderly of every race and religion a home where they will be welcomed as Christ, cared for as family and accompanied with dignity until God calls them to Himself.  We have done this for over 175 years because of our faith in God and our vocation as Little Sisters of the Poor.

But now the government demands we choose between our care for the elderly poor and our faith.  We cannot do that and we should not have to.  It is a choice that violates our nation’s historic commitment to ensure that people from diverse faiths can freely follow God’s calling in their lives. But the government forces us to either violate our conscience or take millions of dollars that we raise by begging for the care of the elderly poor and instead pay fines to the IRS.

We are not seeking special privileges.  The government exempts huge corporations, small businesses, and other religious ministries from what they are imposing on us–we are simply asking to carry on our mission to serve the elderly poor as we have always done for 175 years.

Once again, the Obama administration, through its use of Obamacare, demonstrates its totalitarian nature. You must do as they demand, regardless of your religious beliefs.

Rather than abandon their work, the Little Sisters should continue doing it while also defying the law and the courts. Let the Obama administration and the IRS put some nuns in prison while bankrupting their organization. Only by doing that will there be any chance of continuing their work by getting this monstrous law changed, or repealed.



  • Cotour

    I wonder how Chief Justice Roberts will contort himself to make sense of this. What a shameful mess, and on top of this the leftist president and his leftist spokesman (John Kerry) have enriched Iran with billions of dollars and removed all in place sanctions and have ensured Iran will definitely have nuclear weapons in the near future.

    Barack Obama and his ilk, a most un American president. I am ashamed that this is where we have fallen to.

    If the Congress does not have the stones to absolutely reject both of these things and straighten things out as they should be straightened out then the people need to replace them all as soon as possible.

  • David M. Cook

    Put nuns in jail? Our supreme leader would like nothing better!

    This muslim-loving, America-hating president & his socialist-democrat ilk want to destroy any and all positive elements of our society & create a totalitarian regime where the first priority is the leaders & their increased wealth.

    Obama can go to HELL!!! He probably will, too!

  • Cotour

    Speaking of courts and judges and politics, maybe this judge needs the psychological counselling?

    Just because the judge can not understand why a person (Denesh Desousa) did what he did, write and produce an excellent movie about what drives Obama to destroy America as we know it and apparently violate some campaign laws concerning contributions he orders him to continue psychological treatment even though he has been already deemed to be “normal”. Is he required to understand why a person does what they do to properly do his job?

    We may all have to be ordered to be treated soon, the ones that this judges and judges like him are unable to understand why we think what we think anyway. This is beginning to surpass George Orwell’s imaginings.

  • pzatchok

    This all could have been avoided by simply expanding Medicaid to cover contraceptives.

    Leave the option for insurance to provide policies that do not conflict with someones beliefs.

    Charities like the Sisters have still have to pay Medicaid for each employee along with all the other FICA taxes.

  • Cotour

    Your solution, which would be simple, bypasses the point of the entire theme of what is going on in our government today, and that is Fascism and over bearing government and SOCIALISM.

    Socialism much bigger then just medicare, Obamacare permeates the entire system now and has been several times reinforced by the Supreme Court and that is the point and your own and mt own representatives have delivered you me and everyone else to it!

    We are and every generation hence forth are now captive in America like never before.

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