Craters on Ceres

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craters on Ceres
Cool image time! The image above, cropped and reduced in resolution to show here, was taken on May 30, 2016 by Dawn from 240 miles away. It looks northward at the dwarf planet’s horizon, and has a resolution of about 120 feet per pixel.

My only comment is to note how soft the terrain looks. I realize this is not really an accurate description, but data has shown that Ceres has a somewhat low density and is somewhat malleable. It sure looks that way here.


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  • Localfluff

    Wow, great image!
    Most satellite images are taken straight down, I suppose that is more useful scientifically, but a few images have been taken in angles like this of Mars too, which are very enjoyable.

    Dawn, and Rosetta, are going to get closer and closer. Some great images are coming up within the next months.

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