Dawn recovers from safe mode

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Spot 1

Beginning on June 30 Dawn experienced an as yet unexplained “anomaly” that put it into safe mode for several days.

According to JPL, engineers have uploaded “configuration changes” that solved the problem, and the spacecraft has returned to normal operations, continuing its second mapping orbit of Ceres. From this position they are gathering wide angle images of the entire planet, from which they will construct a detailed global map to be used as a baseline during later more detailed close-up orbits. For example, they released this very nice image today of what is called “Spot 1”, shown on the right. I have cropped it to focus on the spot itself. Looks almost like scattered snow on the surface, doesn’t it?


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  • Nick P

    That picture on the JPL website is 3 weeks old :-( but we’re starting to see the kind of detail that lends itself to processing by laymen like me.

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