Democratic computer expert wiped cell phone prior to arrest

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Imran Awan, the IT specialist who worked for numerous Democrats in Congress and is now charged with bank fraud, deleted all data on his cell phone hours before his arrest.

More and more, I really wonder how many congressional Democrats Awan was blackmailing.



  • wayne

    It’s always a mole hunt.

    Smiley is Suspicious

  • LocalFluff

    I doubt one can wipe anything from a phone these days.
    I remember when phones were used to talk with other people. Now my phone itself talks with me. Tells me interesting things about events and places and whatever I want to know. It plays strange but damn good chess too. It even charges its battery without cables. It lives off and in the invisible force fields. “Wipe it, with a cloth or something?” (What a very gender stereotypical impression she makes!)

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