Dukakis and the tank.

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Dukakis and the tank.

An excellent article on what is probably one of the worst photo-ops ever attempted by a political campaign. My one disagreement is how the article focuses on how silly Dukakis looked in the helmet. This wasn’t what made the photo-op a disaster. What really made it fail was how absurd it was for him to think that riding in a tank would make people forget his deep and longstanding opposition to the military. Watch the Reagan campaign’s response ad, which used the tank ride to point this out. This is what made the photo-op a failure.


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  • Garry

    It’s a shame that Republicans in campaigns try too hard to play nice and refuse to point out flaws in their Democratic opponents; when done right it can be very effective. I’m tired of Republicans falling into the trap that Democrats portray themselves as being nicer people, and trying in vain to prove that they (Republicans) are just as nice.

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