Dutch rightwing politician convicted by court for expressing anti-immigration opinions

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Facists: The leader of the conservative and anti-immigration party in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, has been convicted by a Dutch court of expressing hate speech during a political rally, simply because he called for a change in policy that would bring fewer Moroccans into the country.

Essentially, this liberal court has ruled that it is illegal for any politician, or anyone for that matter, to express an opinion in opposition to the present policy of the European Union to allow uncontrolled immigration into Europe from the Middle East. As noted at the link, “You read that correctly. An elected representative was convicted in a trial for talking about public policy. If that doesn’t send a chill down your spine then you are considerably more comfortable with socialism than you should be.”

This behavior of the left, however, is quite typical. They are fascists. You aren’t allowed to disagree with them, and if you do, they will work to destroy you. Think I am exaggerating? Consider these two stories from today:

If I was to do a quick internet news search for stories in the past week, I could find another dozen like these. The left’s idea of debate is to demand that you shut up. And they are becoming increasingly aggressive in their efforts to enforce this demand, by the use of force or violence.



  • Cotour

    I heard this story the other day and I believe the comment by the government officials was that Wilders was a threat to “free speech”. I laughed, I guess they did not see the folly of their counter intuitive statement.

    THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH in the Netherlands !

    And Hillary is now concerned with the “Fake news” that is now a threat to peoples existence and it is probably what lost her the election. I guess she does not remember that she herself was one of the originators of “Fake News”, remember how she was unloaded from a helicopter in the middle of sniper fire? (she said sooo convincingly with a straight face, just like Brian Williams) I have no problem believing that she attempted to have Mika pulled from the air, Mika (the little I saw of her) was actually uncomfortably, contortingly, painfully speaking against the Hillary machine, and for good reason.

    And once again, we remember the most important factual element of this past presidential election, Hillary Clinton will never become the president of the United States. It truly makes me smile and I am optimistic, I am seriously considering buying another building.

  • Edward

    So, the Netherlands has gone full-on fascist. If Europeans do not successfully complain about this, then more European Union countries will follow this lead.

    Of course governments do not want anyone to disagree with them. That just makes forcing their ideas and edicts upon the population that much harder.

    Obama sees the US Constitution as a document of negative rights, but that is what is so good about the Constitution. It limits government power (negative rights for government) and allows the population to retain the power that a governed people should have (positive rights for We the People).

    The actions of the Netherlands have been warned against for decades. Any right that is conferred upon the people by the government, such as freedom of speech and the right to disagree or even actively speak against government, can be taken away from the people by the government.

    By pretending that speech is generously given to the people, the government can also pretend that it can take it away, and this is what this conviction has done. Except that it goes farther than just taking the freedom to disagree from those who are ruled, it also takes it away from those who rule.

    In the Netherlands, government is now all powerful and can never be told that it is wrong. The Netherlands’ government has gone far beyond the purpose of government — the reason that civilized people created government — to being its own purpose for existence. The opinions of the Netherlands people (and maybe even their desires and perhaps even their needs) have become secondary to the needs of the government, and right now that government needs everyone to agree with it without any dissent.

    The reason for humanity to create government was to:
    1) protect the population from foreign and domestic enemies,
    2) peacefully resolve disputes, and
    3) stay out of the people’s way.

    Governments were not created to be mommy and daddy with the population the underage, dependent children, unable to properly care, feed, or speak for themselves, but that is where Europe is headed.

    The current US government’s administration encouraged the US to become more like Europe. But then again, the current administration does not like dissent or alternate ideas, either. For a while, the White House even had a web site to report people who disagreed with its position on Obamacare so that those dissenters could be “reeducated.”

    It seems from Mika Brzizinski’s account that a Clinton administration would have been just as fascist.

    The account of the student who may be expelled is interesting, too. From the article: “‘we’re really back to being in a civil war,’ [the professor] said, ‘and I don’t mean it in a fighting way, but our nation is divided as clearly as it was in civil war times.’

    Also from the article: “Every student knows it. If you stand up to your professor, 90 percent of the time the professor’s going to punish you.

    Professors being the ruling authority within a classroom, the students are showing that they understand the fascistic relationship on the modern college campus. So much for free speech on campus and the college as a place for discourse of alternate ideas.

    And now the professor’s union is saying (also from the article): “The student will be identified and may be facing legal action.

    It seems that professors and students, alike, are precious snowflakes unable to handle ideas that are foreign to them.

    Ironically, it is the professor’s own complaint about her rant becoming public knowledge and the union’s threat of legal action that are the divisive factors. As with the Netherlands, Obama, and Clinton, Orange Coast College’s professor’s union is aggressively attacking dissent.

    To paraphrase what the professor said, the people leading the assault on free speech are indeed among us.

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