Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

Finding out what’s not in it: Enrollees in Obamacare in California are discovering few doctors or hospitals willing to accept their plans.

Worse, they are finding that the lists of doctors and hospitals that supposedly accept Obamacare is wrong.

For his part, Peter Lee, Covered California’s executive director, acknowledged that consumers may be getting misinformation from the state agency or insurer about whether their providers are participating. But, he said, the exchange is prepared to help those consumers get new plans that more suitably meet their needs. “If our directory or the directory of the health plan is wrong and a consumer wants to change plans, we’ll work with them to make sure they can do so,” Lee said in a news call this week. [emphasis mine]

  1. Cash talks. Obamacare walks.

  2. wade says:

    I am sorry. This healthcare Law appears to be an ad-lib adage to the Old joke of : how to keep a moron in suspense. Hell, their website is Full of Flaws and the complete Set Up is without Repair to a point that it is a Boondoggle and an Embarrassment to the American Public and a complete Dishonor and Disgrace to this once Great Nation.

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