Falcon 9 launch scrubbed again

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In the heat of competition: SpaceX has once again scrubbed the Falcon 9 launch of a commercial communications satellite, this time due to high altitude winds.

They say they are now aiming for Friday.



  • jeff

    In planning trip to mars wouldnt it be wise and doable to send tons of supplies, water, dry goods machinery, whiskey, well ahead of the planned mission?

  • wayne

    Jeff. Love it! (“Mars Needs Women,” as well!)
    It’s definitely wise but less doable than you might think. Every kilogram requires X-amount of fuel & hardware, to get to Mars.
    Don’t know what the orbital-mechanics of launching from the Moon, but there is less gravity to contend with.
    As noted by others far more informed than me, if we can figure out how to construct things from materials-at-hand on the Moon or Mars, the whole enterprise becomes a lot more doable

  • Edward

    Jeff asked: “In planning trip to mars wouldnt it be wise and doable to send tons of supplies, water, dry goods machinery, whiskey, well ahead of the planned mission?”

    Yes, for a couple of reasons. We would be sure that the supplies are there before sending people who would depend upon them (what if the supply spacecraft failed to land and left the astronauts arriving in the other spacecraft without food or water). Separating the supplies payload from the crew ship makes the crew ship lighter, smaller, and thus would require less thrust to escape Earth orbit and enter Mars orbit, making the rocketry easier. Braking and landing on Mars would also be easier, because the Martian atmosphere is not thick enough to sufficiently slow down heavy landers.

    As for the whiskey, Robby the Robot was able to make 60 gallons for the ship’s cook on Altair, in the movie “Forbidden Planet.”

  • wayne

    Edward– excellent movie reference!
    How about, “This Island Earth”- a great story, only downside is you can clearly see the wires holding the asteroids in the special FX shots.
    “The Thing from Another World” (1951) or “THEM!”

  • Edward


    I’m not so keen on monsters. I saw — er — tried to see “Night of the Living Dead” when I was too young, and that put me off. I still can’t get into zombies. “Alien” scared me into reaffirming my position (although I admit it was good — I couldn’t stop watching to walk out of the theater!), so I prefer “Twilight Zone” over “The Outer Limits,” but the aliens of “Star Trek” (except for the Salt Monster, which I was also too young for, the first time) and “Babylon 5” are fine.

    Oh, that also means I didn’t watch “X-Files” and lost out on “Lost In Space,” too.

    Just watched Falcon launch, today. Successful launch into LEO, no word yet on the First Stage landing on the barge. Second burn of upper stage yet to occur.

  • wayne

    Edward my Man!

    Yeah– fully understand. I don’t get the appeal of Zombies.
    Absolutely enjoyed Twilight Zone. Outer Limits was unique for it’s period, but yeah– too many monster stories.
    Could not get into X-Files at all, until maybe the 4th season & then highly-selective–Dislike the paranormal-themed stuff but enjoyed the straight-up “conspiracy” themed episodes.
    Lost in Space degraded into… “something” I couldn’t follow. The feature-film showed promise but… what was up with the spiders?– “dumb” and creepy.

    Very little “quality” S-F on TV, ever. Love my Star Trek, all variants. Feature films were largely “dumb” but watched them anyway.

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