Falcon 9 still go for launch on Saturday

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Reports indicate that Wednesday’s Falcon 9 prelaunch static fire test was a success and that all systems are go for a September 2:14 am launch of Dragon to ISS.

If this launch happens has planned, it will occur only 13 days after the previous Falcon 9 launch in Florida, the shortest turnaround by SpaceX yet.



  • geoffc

    Which poses several questions on how they did that… The article I believe notes they already had the core for CRS-4 at the Cape. We know they need X days to drive first stage from Hawthorne to McGregor. Y days to test in McGregor. Z days to drive it to CCAFS. Then how much time is needed to prep it at the Cape? (A days).

    So X + Y + Z +A is the bare minimum. Be interesting to see values on those variables.

    Where did they store it at the Cape, while delayed on AsiaSat-6? I was under the impression there was only room for one core in the current LC-40 hangar.

    They have access to the SPIF (http://space.stackexchange.com/questions/3288/what-is-the-alternate-hangar-spacex-has-available-at-the-cape) which is not really big enough for a F9 first stage. (maybe in the SMAB part? But I have seen nothing suggesting they have access to that. It was where the SRB’s were partially assembled so must have had enough room).

  • fred k

    They might have simply parked the truck outside and waited for AsiaSat-6 to leave the hanger. The booster must be protected from weather while its on the truck.

  • geoffc

    Good point. You know, when they drive across the country from texas to Florida, I wonder what truck stop they stop at. That would be a cool truck to leave overnight…

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